Use Verbose Boot Messages to Troubleshoot Windows Startup Problems - How-To Geek

If you’ve ever had problems with your PC starting up or shutting down slowly, there’s lots of different troubleshooting techniques that you can use—today we’ll talk about how to enable verbose messages.

How to use smileys in Facebook chat? | Learn How To Hack - Ethical Hacking and security tips

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with an alexa rank of just #2, Recently I have been receiving many emails and I am constantly asked about smileys in Facebook chat, There are lots of smileys in Facebook chat but lots of people dont know about it, You can you smileys in Facebook chat and increase your Chatting experience, Below I am placing 2 charts which will contain smileys in Facebook chat along with their code

[Descarga del día] pnotepad, bloc de notas para programadores en Bitelia (Software Libre)

Pnotepad es un bloc de notas destinado a programadores, al más puro estiloNotepad++ pero sin llegar a ese extremo. Fácil y ligero (menos de 2Mb), soporta muchos lenguajes de programaciónentre los que se encuentran C++PythonHTML… e incluso se encuentra en versión portable por lo que siempre podremos llevarnos una copia en nuestro pendrive con algún snippet para poder utilizar más tarde.